Our Team

The Dream Team

Our team consists of a Harvard trained Medical Doctor, Board Certified Microblading Specialists, a Paramedical Tattoo Expert as well as a Certified Tattoo Removal Specialist. We provide our services in a clinical environment adhering to the highest standards of hygiene and safety. We offer Eyebrow Microblading and Shading, Powder Brows, Permanent Makeup for Eyeliner and Lip Blush / Blushing. Areola Reconstruction after cancer (nipple tattoo), Permanent Makeup and Tattoo removal. We have received numerous awards and are honored to have received the “Best of Yelp” reward multiple years. We are trusted by over 50 local doctors who refer us their patients and are fully licensed, certified and insured.


As a world recognized expert in the microblading and permanent makeup industry, Johanna holds dual Board Certifications from both the American Academy of Micropigmentation as well as the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals. Originally from Sweden, Johanna has trained extensively in Europe, Brazil and the US and has performed thousands of procedures. With a loyal clientele, Johanna is trusted by models and celebrities and referred to by over seventy dermatologists and medical doctors from all over the US, many of whom are also her clients. 


As a pioneer in the industry, Johanna developed the Hedman Method nearly a decade ago. Frustrated with the artificial results of traditional permanent makeup, Johanna deceloped our proprietary Hedman Method to create the most natural looking customized microblading and micropigmentation results. Our clinic is the first upscale practice specializing exclusively in microblading and permanent makeup in Miami. 


As an International Master Trainer for the world leading pigment manufacturer BIOTEK, Johanna teaches permanent makeup and advanced microblading techniques. Johanna is passionate about making her clients feel beautiful and confident. In her free time, Johanna loves to travel and  immerse herself in new cultures spending time with her husband and two little boys. 


Introducing Jennie, a highly skilled and passionate Board Certified Micropigmentation specialist in permanent makeup artistry. With over 15 years of experience in the beauty industry, she has honed her expertise in various techniques, making her a sought-after expert in eyebrow Microblading, Micropigmentation for lips and eyes, pigment removals as well as paramedical procedures for scars and stretch marks.
Jennie’s exceptional attention to detail sets her apart, ensuring that each client receives personalized and natural-looking results that enhance their features. Her journey began in Sweden, and she has since worked in some of Europe’s top spas, gaining invaluable experience and perfecting her craft.
Beyond her profession, Jennie’s adventurous spirit shines through her love for travel, discovering new cultures, and exploring breathtaking destinations. But when she’s not globe-trotting, you can find her cuddled up with her beloved furry baby, Sven, as she has a special fondness for cats.
Whether it’s enhancing natural beauty or remedying imperfections, Jennie’s dedication and expertise make her an outstanding choice for anyone seeking top-notch permanent makeup solutions.


Our Board Certified Paramedical and Scar Micropigmentation specialist Pri is a true master with two decades of unparalleled experience to the industry. Her remarkable talent and dedication have earned her well-deserved recognition, with numerous awards celebrating her exceptional work in achieving natural-looking results.
Pri’s expertise goes beyond the ordinary, allowing her to provide transformative solutions for clients who have undergone surgery or experienced trauma. Her international reputation is a testament to her skill and artistry, drawing clients from all over the world to experience her services.
But Pri’s passion lies not just in her craft, but in the incredible impact she can make on her clients’ lives. With a heart that genuinely cares, she finds joy in restoring her clients’ confidence, helping them reclaim their self-assurance and beauty. Whether it’s recreating a natural appearance or enhancing features, Pri’s meticulous attention to detail and compassion ensure every client leaves her studio with a renewed sense of empowerment.
If you’re seeking an artist who can deliver stunning permanent makeup results while understanding the emotional journey of her clients, Pri is your expert master.

About the Hedman Method

The Hedman Method is unique in the way pigments are implanted into the skin, always customizing the treatments to suit and enhance your face with results that respect the integrity of your face and look so natural nobody would guess your brows, eyes and lips are not real.